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Freeze Dried Yoghurt Pops - Bulla - Freeze Dried Candy Lollies Sweets Treats Ice Cream

Freeze Dried Yoghurt Pops - Bulla - Freeze Dried Candy Lollies Sweets Treats Ice Cream

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Freeze Dried  Yoghurt Pops - Bulla

A perfect healthy alternative to Ice Cream , made with probiotic yoghurt and real fruit, they have no added artificial colours or flavours, and are 97% fat free.

With three fruity flavours   – Strawberry, Mango or Wildberry

Once freeze Dried they’re perfect for moments of fun with the goodness of yoghurt. These are perfect to take anywhere you want to go, it won't melt, NO they dont need refrigeration. they are ready to eat.    You can take them camping, hiking, backpacking, or even save them in your emergency stash.!!

About this item:-
1 x Freeze Dried Yoghurt Pops - Bulla Random flavor will be selected.
When ordering 2 or more, we will do our best not to duplicate flavors.

Packaged in high-quality zip lock resealable foil bag for added  freshness.  
Keep out of direct sunlight and once opened keep sealed to keep the freeze-dried crunch.   Freeze dried candy should be treated the same way as you would treat a bag of potato chips. Left open to the elements they can absorb moisture from the air making them loose their crunch and freshness.   Always seal tight for longer lasting freshness.

Freeze Dried Candy is extremely fragile, resulting in possible breakages during transport. 

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