Freeze Dried Candy -  Restocking, Add to Cart, Made to Order, and Notify Me - Everything You Need to Know!

Restocking, Add to Cart, Made to Order, and Notify Me - Everything You Need to Know! 🍬🔥

Hey there, candy connoisseurs! Are you ready to delve into the world of Freeze Dried Candy and uncover the secrets behind our Restocking, Add to Cart, Made to Order, and Notify Me features? Well, you're in for a treat! 🎉

Restocking - Limited Editions That Vanish in a Flash

Let's start with the scoop on restocking. We do our best to restock our store every Monday around 5pm AEST, but hold on to your sweet tooth because here's the deal: Our newly released and wildly popular 'Made to Order' option is in such high demand that it's actually reducing the quantity of Freeze Dried Candy   available for restocking. ! So while we'll still have restocks on Mondays, the selection might be a tad limited.  😍❄️🔥

Add to Cart - Get It Freshly Bagged Just for You

When you see the "Add to Cart" button, it means the item has already been freeze dried and is ready to be bagged up fresh for your order. Yum! These goodies are in stock and ready to make their way to your doorstep. Just be patient while we work our magic behind the scenes. 🛒✨🍭

Made to Order - Jump the Queue for Customised Goodness

Now, let's talk about our "Made to Order" option. Picture this: you have the power to jump the queue and get exactly what you want. It's like having a VIP pass to the Candy Lab! When you choose the "Made to Order" option, we'll create your Freeze Dried Candy specifically for you.  You'll receive priority in our Candy Lab, and we'll fulfill your order before restocking our online store. That means you'll get your goodies even faster.

But here's the thing, freeze drying is a slow and meticulous process. Each batch requires time to be freeze dried to perfection, ensuring that your treats maintain their mouthwatering texture and flavor. That's why we kindly ask for your patience while we let the candy lab freeze dryers work their magic.

Simply select the items you want, and we'll get to work freeze drying them just for you. Depending on your order and our current production schedule, it usually takes 2-5 days, but can be up to 2-3 weeks, for your full  order to be ready. Please note that Made to Order items are only shipped once the entire order is fully fulfilled.

So go ahead, unleash your inner candy cravings and make your snacking dreams come true! 🍬✨

Got more questions? Reach out to us for all the sweet details! 🥰❄️🔥🍬

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