About... Australian Owned Freeze Dried Candy Business.

Welcome to FreezeDriedCandy.com.au, your premier destination for the most exquisite Freeze Dried Candy delights in Australia. Located on the vibrant Gold Coast in Queensland, we are pioneers in the candy industry, boasting over a decade of experience. We observed the Freeze Dried Candy trend taking the US by storm and decided to bring this innovative technique Down Under, making us the first in Australia to do so. Today, we take pride in offering a diverse range of over 130 freeze dried candy varieties, with new additions regularly enriching our selection.

Crafting Delectable Artistry:
At FreezeDriedCandy.com.au, we go beyond merely satisfying your taste buds – we create a visual feast. Our expertly hand packaged candies are not only delicious but also a treat for the eyes. Our meticulous packaging process ensures that every bag is a work of art, carefully safeguarding the delicate pieces inside. Packaged in high quality zip lock resealable foil bags, our candies are accompanied by moisture absorbers to guarantee lasting freshness. During warmer periods, our chocolate items are shipped with ice packs to ensure they reach you in perfect condition.

Consumer Direct Focus:
While many opportunities arise for bulk and wholesale distribution, our primary focus remains on consumer direct sales. As retail manufacturers, we supply directly to the public, minimising excessive handling to preserve the pristine condition of our products. We understand the importance of presentation, ensuring that every bag bearing our name looks its best.

Quality and Value:
We are dedicated to offering superior quality products at remarkably competitive prices. Our commitment to consumer satisfaction is evident in our affordable pricing, where our rates are lower, and the weight or pieces count in each bag surpasses what is commonly found elsewhere.

Worldwide Shipping and Personalized Service:
Although we are manufacturers, our primary emphasis is on our online customers. We ship worldwide using Australia Post tracking services. For your convenience, we offer a "Notify Me" feature for items currently out of stock. Additionally, selected items are available for Made to Order, where they are freshly freeze-dried specifically for you. All Made To Order requests take precedence, even before restocking our online store. While we aim to fulfill orders within 2-4 days, slight delays may occur based on the items and quantities in your order and our current production pipeline.

We adore and embrace the crazy effects of freeze drying and hope you find all our products as ‘sweet’ as we do.

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