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Freeze Dried Hi-Chews - Sweet & Sour

Freeze Dried Hi-Chews - Sweet & Sour

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Freeze Dried Hi-Chews  Sweet & Sour

Originating from Japan, where candy craftsmanship is an art form, Hi-Chews are made with meticulous attention to detail and passion. It proudly holds the title of Japan's best-selling brand, They are immensely fruity and once freeze dried the flavor is intensified. A burst of lively flavors with a surprising crunch.

Picture this: a burst of vibrant fruity flavors exploding in your mouth, like a flavor fiesta hosted by your taste buds. Our Freeze-Dried Hi-Chews retain all the zesty goodness, but with an unexpected twist. The texture? 

  • Bite  level    Very light
  • Chew level   Ligh, melt in your mouth
  • Flavor          Mixed
  • Texture       Airy - Crunchy
  • Overall        Full flavour, light and crispy
About this item:-  
Approx 45 gm  - 9 pieces - Freeze Dried Hi Chews Mixed Flavors

NOTE: Due to the inconsistency of weight and size of candy once they have been freeze dried we cannot guarantee the precise weight or quantity of each bag.  We pack each bag carefully to meet the advertised weight or the maximum amount of product that will comfortably fit avoiding not crushing them.

Packaged in a high-quality zip lock resealable foil bag for added freshness.  

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