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Freeze Dried Candy Lab

Freeze Dried Snickers Bars - Freeze Dried Candy Lollies Sweets & Treats

Freeze Dried Snickers Bars - Freeze Dried Candy Lollies Sweets & Treats

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 Freeze Dried Snickers Bars - Freeze Dried Candy

Freeze Dried Snickers Bars are a delightful twist on the classic Snickers candy bar. These sweet treats undergo a unique freeze-drying process that preserves their irresistible combination of nougat, caramel, peanuts, and milk chocolate, while creating a satisfyingly crunchy texture. The result is a  snack that packs all the flavor of a Snickers bar into a lightweight, crispy form.  

Bite  level    Mild
Chew Level  None
Flavor           Chocolate, Nougat,  Caramel & Peanuts
Texture        Airy Crunchy
Overall         Melts in your mouth.

About this item:-  
Approx 60g 0f  Freeze Dried Snickers Bars - Freeze Dried Candy

Expertly Packaged for Delicacy: At, we take great pride in crafting freeze dried candy that are not only delectable but also a feast for the eyes. Our meticulous packaging process ensures that every bag is a work of art, safeguarding each fragile piece. You can enjoy our freeze dried candies knowing that every bite is as visually stunning as it is delicious.

At, we're rewriting the rules of candy enjoyment. Come, explore, and savor the cosmos of freeze dried candy lollies sweets and Ice Cream like never before. Your taste adventure awaits!

NOTE: Due to the inconsistency of weight and size of candy once they have been freeze dried we cannot guarantee the precise weight or quantity in each bag.  We pack each bag carefully to meet the advertised weight or the maximum amount of product that will comfortably fit avoiding not to crush them.

Packaged in a high-quality zip lock reusable foil bag for added freshness.  

Keep out of direct sunlight and once opened keep sealed to keep the freeze-dried crunch.   Freeze dried candy should be treated the same way as you would treat a bag of potato chips. Left open to the elements they can absorb moisture from the air making them lose their crunch and freshness.   Always seal tight for longer lasting freshness. 

Some Freeze Dried Candy can be extremely fragile which requires extra special care when packaging, unfortunately, heavy handling by Aust Post may result in possible breakages during transport. 

Order Now: Ready to embark on a journey of flavor and texture? Ordering your favorite Freeze-Dried Mars Bars and other freeze-dried candies has never been easier.   Fill your cart with the magic of freeze-dried confections, and let your taste buds explore the cosmos of taste.

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Why Freeze-Dried? Freeze-drying is a culinary marvel that preserves the essence of ingredients while creating an entirely new taste experience. It removes moisture while retaining flavors and aromas, resulting in candy that's not only wonderfully crunchy but also bursts with intensified taste. The marriage of classic candy and innovative preparation makes for a treat that’s out of this world.

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