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Freeze Dried Candy AUS

Freeze Dried Chocolate Fish NZ - Freeze Dried Candy Lollies Sweets Treats & Ice Creams

Freeze Dried Chocolate Fish NZ - Freeze Dried Candy Lollies Sweets Treats & Ice Creams

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Freeze Dried Chocolate Fish  by Rainbow NZ offers a delightful fusion of flavors and textures. These delectable treats feature tender marshmallow fish enveloped in a velvety layer of creamy milk chocolate. The freeze-drying process preserves the essence of the chocolate-coated marshmallow, creating a crunchy yet melt-in-your-mouth experience. Perfect for a sweet and satisfying snack, these bite-sized wonders are a whimsical blend of chocolatey indulgence and marshmallow magic, making them a treat that's both delicious and uniquely enjoyable.

Bite  level    Very light
Chew level  None
Flavor           Marshmallow
Texture       Airy
Overall        Melt in your mouth.

About this item:-  
Approx 55+ gm   Freeze Dried Chocolate Fish  by Rainbow NZ

NOTE: Due to the inconsistency of weight and size of candy once they have been freeze dried we cannot guarantee the precise weight or quantity of each bag. We pack each bag carefully to meet the advertised weight or the maximum amount of product that will comfortably fit avoiding not to crush them.

Expertly Packaged for Delicacy: At, we take great pride in crafting freeze dried candy that are not only delectable but also a feast for the eyes. Our meticulous packaging process ensures that every bag is a work of art, safeguarding each fragile piece. You can enjoy our freeze dried candies knowing that every bite is as visually stunning as it is delicious. Packaged in a high-quality zip lock resealable foil bag & moisture absorber for added freshness.  

Some Freeze Dried Candy can be exceptionally delicate, necessitating extra precautions during the packaging process. Regrettably, rough handling during transit by the carrier can increase the risk of breakage.

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