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Freeze Dried Candy Lab

Freeze Dried Raspberry & Blackberry - Freeze Dried Candy Lollies

Freeze Dried Raspberry & Blackberry - Freeze Dried Candy Lollies

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Freeze Dried Candy - Freeze Dried Gummy Candy - Raspberry & Blackberry by  Trolli. Raspberry and Blackberry Lollies by Trolli.  It only takes ONE...   Pop it in your mouth and ..  Wait for it..POW ...  A full mouth of flavor.   Give these balls of flavor a few seconds and they will start to melt on your tongue with NO chew required. These are amazing treats to put out at a party or gathering.  

About this item:-  
  12 pieces    Freeze Dried Rasbperry & Balckberry by  Trolli.

NOTE: Due to the inconsistency of weight and size of candy once they have been freeze dried we cannot guarantee the precise weight or quantity of each bag.  We pack each bag carefully to meet the advertised weight or the maximum amount of product that will comfortably fit avoiding not to crush them.
Packaged in high-quality zip lock reseable foil bag for added  freshness.  

Keep out of direct sunlight and once opened keep sealed to keep the freeze-dried crunch.   Freeze dried candy should be treated the same way as you would treat a bag of potato chips. Left open to the elements they can absorb moisture from the air making them loose their crunch and freshness.   Always seal tight for longer lasting freshness.

Some Freeze Dried Candy can be extremely fragile which requires extra special care when packaging, unfortunately heavy handling by Aust Post may result in possible breakages during transport. 

Bag size and weight varies from candy to candy, treat to treat. The weight difference also will vary from in its original state to after its been freeze-dried, which in many cases can be quite drastic, depending on the original moisture content of the item being freeze-dried.

For custom orders please send us a message quote and we will do our very best to fulfill your request. 

What is Freeze Dried Candy?

The freeze-dried process allows any water in the candy to escape letting the food become a light crispy crunchy experience that sometimes melts in your mouth depending on the candy. This process can take up to 30 hours depending on the moisture content of the candy being freeze-dried.  Not all candy reacts the same. It is truly amazing to see how each piece of candy reacts and changes in this process in the Candy Lab.  Some candy will puff up to double triple and even quadruple its size, while others have very little visible change but can become hard and crunchy or very very chewy.  The one common factor amongst all Freeze Dried Candy is the enhanced intense flavor that overpowers your mouth with a sensational taste and satisfaction.

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